Home of the necktie

Our first stop on the Mediterranean adventure was Dubrovnik, Croatia. In case you were wondering, this is where the necktie was invented. Oh, you weren’t wondering? Sorry.

It was another gray, cloudy day, and we had to take a bus to get to the town. I’m not a huge fan of buses. But they delivered us to the walls of the city. Yes, the walls…the entire town, which is right on the sea, has a wall around it. I’m guessing this was for protection way back in the day. Inside the walls is a small village, complete with the second oldest pharmacy in Europe. I think if I was in charge of the tourism for Dubrovnik, I’d fudge a little bit and say that it was the largest, but I guess they are more honest than that.

We spent the day wandering…the town is located on the side of a hill, so there were a million steps. Not sure what’s up with the Europeans and their love of steps, but whatever. We learned that gelato in Croatia, while delicious, can’t beat the gelato in Italy. We ate at a sidewalk cafe and met some cruise ship entertainers. And then we got to piss in a grate.

If you’ve never been to Europe, you can’t understand. While many places have modern plumbing and such, others just don’t. Sometimes the plumbing is modern, and the toilets are funky and different that ours (hence my obsession with being photographed with them). When I was in Turkey several years ago, I had to pay fifty cents at a shopping mall to pee in a hole in the ground. In Croatia, the restroom was modern, they had working sinks, automatic hand dryers….and a grate on the floor. Couldn’t they splurge just a bit and by an actual toilet? Maybe skimp a little on the hand dryer and buy paper towels instead? It’s awkward, to say the least. Not only do you have to balance whatever you’re carrying (glad I finished my gelato and beer), you have to squat strategically. And there is no guarantee that you won’t have any splashback from the grate.

Not too much exciting happened while in Dubrovnik. We walked down by the ocean, and I got drenched by a wave while taking a picture, if that counts. Next stop, Turkey!


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