So long, Savannah

The next day, we went to….If you know me at all, you know how much I LOVE the beach. My dream is to live there someday. I told my mom when I was in college that after graduation, I planned on moving to Key West and being a bartender. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Luckily, I married a fellow beach bum, so we never argue on where to go on vacation; as long as there is a good beach, we’re both happy. Anyway, we went to Tybee Island, which was pretty neat. Very old, much like everything else in that area. And there was a lighthouse. I went through a phase several years ago when I was absolutely obsessed with lighthouses, and I’ve always wanted to go in one. Not to the top, mind you, but just inside.

The place where you purchase tickets for the Tybee lighthouse is plastered with rules. No drinks. No pets. No food. No smoking. No gum. The clerk actually made me spit out my gum, like I was a four-year-old that couldn’t resist sticking it on the walls. But whatever. We walked to the lighthouse, and it immediately struck me how terrified I was. I don’t even like ladders. It’s amazing that I lasted in the Air Force as long as I did, since heights is a big issue with them. I tried to say I would just wait outside, but that didn’t happen. Do you know how many stairs are in a lighthouse? I knew that day, but I forget now. It’s a LOT. And it’s a spiral, so they are very narrow, and of course I was wearing ridiculous high-heeled cowboy boots. (Yes, I know, we were at the beach, but they matched my outfit. Plus I went to all the trouble to get them in my carry-on.) I gripped the rail like it would save me from disaster and crept allll the way to the top. Mollye, the incredibly fit runner of the group, practically sprinted. I made it to the top (yay, me!) and was perfectly content to snap some photos from the window, just to prove that I conquered a bit of my fear and actually went all the way up. Mollye, on the other hand, was having none of it, and grabbed my hand and coaxed me out onto the very narrow, very scary ledge. My legs were literally shaking from fright. But I DID IT! And it’s all thanks to Mollye and her pep talk. Thanks, girl! We went to the beach after that, and it was cold, of course. But it’s always nice to see my old pal, the ocean. Some silly picture-taking and some amazing seafood followed that, and it was almost time to say good-bye to Georgia. We had a fabulous champagne brunch the next day and a long flight home. Let me give you this little bit of information. I didn’t know that “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” was a) a true story and b) took place in Savannah. This would make sense since I had never read the book or seen the movie. While there, I learned about it, and became fascinated after our tour of the Mercer House. I got the book while in Savannah and devoured it within 48 hours, loving every minute of it. I wasn’t quite as impressed with the movie, which I watched a couple of weeks later. But John Cusack and Kevin Spacey definitely do not disappoint. If you’re going to choose either the book or the movie, go with the book. If you hate reading, skip the book, but you’ll probably think the movie is kind of boring, like my husband did. Just my two cents.


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