The doctor hunt begins

So now we are faced with a pregnancy, and no doctor. In a city as large as ours, there are hundreds of girlie doctors, so how do you choose? Many of my friends have children, so I figured that was my best bet. Of course, every one of them loves their doctor, so I was handed multiple referrals and felt just as confused as when I’d started. Deep breath.

Okay, for personal reasons, I don’t care to deliver at Saint Francis. Nothing against the well-known pink hospital, I just don’t want to. That should rule out plenty of doctors, including my original meanie one. I got a great recommendation for a doctor at St. John – Owasso, which is literally one mile from my house. Then I found out that there is no NICU at that particular hospital and my Negative Nelly husband put his foot down. Well, that’s probably wise.

Then I found three friends who all raved about the same doctor. Jackpot! In addition, one of my friends happens to work there, too, by sheer coincidence. The only downside is that the office and hospital are nowhere near my work or my house, but that’s okay. I’ll deal with it for a great doctor.

Justin and I made our way there, full of nerves. We were still convinced that nothing was really happening, and that we were imagining the pregnancy. But lo and behold, THIS time the ultrasound showed not just a big black hole, a grain of rice and the mysterious yolk sac, but something that actually looked like a baby! Even better, we heard the first strains of the tiny heartbeat. We even got pictures to prove it. (And no, I’m not posting them on facebook. I have a certain pet peeve about that.)

This visit was a complete 180 from the first doctor visit. The staff was friendly, encouraging, congratulatory…all of the things that shellshocked parents-to-be need and want.

So today I’m at the ten week mark. I’m sitting on my hands waiting to hit twelve weeks, so that we can finally go public with this big news that nobody ever expected to hear from us. Our families know, of course, and a few select friends (don’t be offended if you’re not one of them, we still love you), but these days, it’s not real if it’s not on facebook. That’s what I’m waiting for. (Kudos to our friends that know for not accidentally blowing it by posting it on our walls!) In the meantime, I’ll just write all of these blogs in anticipation of the day two weeks from now when I can finally post them.


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  1. Alice H
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 15:46:04

    glad you are finally blogging again!! and glad you are pregnant! so which doctor did you choose? I was going to recommend Dr. Paul Ghuering (sp?).

    I think I may know your personal reasons about St. Francis but that is where my doctor at the time delivered and I thought it was an ok hospital. I remember you and Lezly coming to see Colton and I when Jason was still in there 😦


    • smashedgirlfriday
      Jun 21, 2011 @ 19:58:13

      Yes, Alice, those are exactly my reasons….it’s going to be difficult enough for everyone with Jason absent, and I think it will be a little easier if we are in a new environment; I’ll be at St. John. My doctor is Dr. Gray, who is Dr. Gehring’s wife!


  2. Meg
    Jun 29, 2011 @ 05:33:41

    That cracks me up because I was also going to recommend Dr. Gehring. I really love him and I’m sure his wife is just as awesome.


    • smashedgirlfriday
      Jun 29, 2011 @ 18:43:52

      You know, it’s weird. I was convinced that there were thousands of doctors in T-town, but EVERY SINGLE PERSON (save one) has recommended the Gehring/Gray team. That makes me feel really good about my choice!


  3. Alice H
    Jul 01, 2011 @ 14:36:22

    I actually see Zanovich (in the same office) now. He is older and ONLY does gyno. No more OB. And that’s what I am all about now…no more babies for me.


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