Little Boy Blue

So…in case you didn’t hear the big news that I purposely withheld for an hour on facebook yesterday (insert evil laugh here), it’s a BOY! Yes, I had my heart set on a girl. Yes, I wore pink Chucks to the appointment in a lame attempt to sway the fates. Yes, I had my perfect girl name ALL PICKED OUT. I am seriously in love with this name. But, it’s not to be.

I admit, when the ultrasound tech gleefully said, “I see boy parts!” I felt a tiny twinge of disappointment. Because a.) I’m a girl, so I would think it would be easier to raise a girl, b.) I had my perfect girl name all picked out (did I mention that?) and c.) I really love pink.

But then I thought, you know what? This is just fine. I kind of figured it would be a boy, just because every single person I know that has given birth in the last two years has had a boy. I thought of some more positives: three of my dearest friends all have sons under one year of age, so maybe they’ll be generous and pass on a few hand-me-downs (ahem, ahem). I won’t have to buy prom dresses. I bet I won’t have to get a second phone line for my chatterbox child. There’s a chance that I will have to sit through endless high school football games, but after dealing with high school senior boys and their moms for several years, I always noticed how sweet those kids were to their moms. And never did one of those boys have a screaming match with Mom over senior pictures, but it happened plenty of times with girls. So there will definitely be less drama.

Now I’m tackling my first big baby project: crib bedding. I figure this will be my first major purchase, because the entire room will be based on the bedding. The problem: I have really expensive taste. (This doesn’t necessarily mean good taste, just expensive.) After hours of searching last night, I found the bedding that I think I want. Get this: it’s NINETY DOLLARS FOR TWO SHEETS. Let that sink in for a moment. Add the quilt (which he can’t use for years anyway, but I feel like I must have), the bumper (which I’m hearing may be dangerous, so that could save some dough) and the crib skirt, and we’re easily over 300 clams. For basically….sheets. But (*stomps foot) I WANT THEM! I just can’t help it. I know there are a million websites that carry crib bedding, but I have in my head what I want, and it’s just not cheap. I’m determined to work my way around this issue. Anybody have any great ideas for me? Please?

I really want to knock out this bedding issue so that I can spend the next four or five months accessorizing to make things perfect for the little man’s arrival. Of course, I’ve spent some time perusing my favorite DIY blog ( to get prepared. She’s all about the small touches, so I know she’s got some things to teach me. But I’ve got to get this stupid bedding figured out.

We got rid of the bed in that room (glad it was a guest room for three whole months), so now I’m staring at an empty gray room. (We painted both the guest room and the office a deep gray color, and it’s staying that way. No pastels here!) I’m itching to get started.

And oh, yeah, we have to find a name. But I’ve got plenty of time for that, right?


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Abby
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 02:03:02

    Look for it on eBay…probably even just the pieces you wanna pay for. We did it… You might have to check often if it’s not on there right away but it’ll be something to occupy you while you wait for your little man. So excited for you!!!


  2. Meg
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 02:25:47

    I never commented on Facebook, but congrats on finally knowing! I’m sure there was disappointment, but you listed some very very very good reasons for having a boy. (And feel free to come be girly with Cambry because God knows I don’t have it in me.)

    Skip the bumpers. They’re pointless (and allegedly harmful now) in the beginning and they have to be removed as soon as the baby can pull up or else he’ll use it as a step to climb up and over. I understand completely falling in love with an expensive pattern. Is it crazy to spend that much when it’s going to get pooped on? Yeah. But that’s ok. I still have Cam’s and we put them on her old crib mattress and it’s now a mastiff bed.

    Is someone going to throw you a baby shower? That’s one way to help with the costs. Register for all of that goodness so that you don’t feel so bad about spending too much!

    Ok. My novel is over. Good lord I need to just start blogging again.


  3. Amanda K
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 03:52:29

    I remember that feeling when we found out Brenden was a boy. I was longing for a girl with all the wonderful little girly things. But, just like you, I started realizing just how awesome it is to have a little boy. Someone who will think you are the most beautiful mom in the entire world. Someone who will put a fake medal around your neck and say, “This is for being the best mommy!” It’s an absolutely amazing feeling. The term “momma’s boy” isn’t out there for no reason. 🙂

    So excited for you! And if you find out what colors you like and happen to be able to incorporate green, I have a breathable bumper that I loved for both kids. You can put your face right up to it and be just fine. (Yes, I tried it.) It keeps their little arms and legs in there without the scariness of the cushy ones, which we had until the kids could roll. Good luck!


  4. Justin
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 16:55:56

    Expensive taste? Yes……but I guess that just means you want the best for our child so Ill let you get away with it once in a while I guess 😉 Oh yea and……………..BOYS RULE!!!!!


  5. CJ
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 18:51:01

    I agree with the girls above…it’s gonna get pooped, puked, and spit on…you might have to get over it. On the other hand I know how it feels to gave expensive taste. A shower will help, register now….do you have a theme picked out…? One fb friend is doing owls…(boy) and another is doing safari…(boy) … Chrissy is having a girl but she may also be one to ‘gift’ you boy clothes/toys etc…her boy is almost two now I think…and you’re both in owasso…


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