My so-boring life

So I’ve been getting some flack lately over not blogging in a while. To be honest, nothing that exciting has been happening (other than my uterus growing by the minute, and who wants to read about that?), but I feel like it’s been too long. Let’s see what we can come up with.

We did have a scary doctor’s appointment a couple of months ago. We went in for a routine ultrasound, and were told that we were being referred to a high-risk doctor, as the baby showed two markers of Down’s syndrome. Well, that just about made my heart stop. Then we had the joy of waiting another week to visit the high-risk doctor, only to be told the same thing. I literally had a meltdown right there in her office, which was frankly, a little embarrassing, as I’d only met her 10 minutes earlier. And then, we were told to wait another SIX WEEKS before coming back.

So I did what any normal person would do. I freaked out, I called a few very close people, and I got on Google. Most of what I read was actually encouraging, as it said that in most cases, the markers disappear by weeks 26 or 27. I also spoke to one of my friends who had been through the same situation with two of her other friends, and their babies were both fine. But still. I had to wait SIX WEEKS. Justin was convinced that I would be a complete basketcase until the next appointment, but I’m proud to say that after the initial shock, I decided to roll with it. I couldn’t change anything, so why bother worrying? (Odd that I can’t apply that wisdom to other areas of my life.)

But I’m very pleased to say that we had our follow-up visit last week, and we got the all-clear, and were officially released from the high-risk doctor. Whew. Insert deep sigh of relief here.

We went to register last week. I actually talked Justin into going with me; I really don’t think he knew what he was in for. Of course, we registered for our wedding, but that was stuff for US. He didn’t have to worry about things like binkies and onesies that time. This was a whole new world for both of us. Think about the fact that every single time I’ve had to buy a baby gift for a friend, I have dutifully entered Babies R Us, printed off the registry and attempted to make my way through the store. After about four minutes, I realize that not only do I have no clue what any of those items ARE, I have no idea where they’re located in the store. That’s when I panic, grab a gift card and run out of the store. And now I was expected to choose things for myself? Ha. Ha. Ha. That’s probably why it took us three hours, which is far beyond the limits of Justin’s shopping patience. But he was a trooper, I’ll give him that.

Basically, we wandered around and scanned things that looked fun. We did ask for help with the stroller/car seat situation, because I figure that’s pretty damn important. It will be interesting to see how many necessary items we don’t have by the time little Canaan arrives. As my sister pointed out, all he really needs is diapers, a car seat, an outfit to wear home from the hospital, and something to eat. We’ll go from there.

I also learned that babies go through an average of 320 diapers in the FIRST MONTH OF LIFE. Whaaaa???? That’s a little nugget of knowledge that I certainly didn’t know going in! The fact that I’ve never changed a diaper before is going to be altered dramatically after just a few short weeks, wouldn’t you say?

I managed to persuade Justin this weekend that the nursery really wasn’t the best place to store his poker table anymore, so he dutifully helped me by taking out all of the poker stuff, and all of our luggage, which was stored in the closet of what WAS the guest room. Now it seems like we’re back to square one: we have an almost completely empty room, save for new curtains, a new orange lamp and a rocking horse. The closet looks pretty magnificent, with tons of cute clothes filling the rack. And what’s in there is nicely organized (for now.) One of these days we’ll get around to ordering furniture, but until then, it looks quite tidy! I did order a fabulous wall decal that came in the mail yesterday that I’m absolutely itching to hang, but I decided to be responsible and wait for furniture. Otherwise I’ll definitely put it in the wrong place. But trust me, it’s awesome.

I will say that so far, minus the Down’s syndrome scare, I’ve had an incredibly uneventful pregnancy, and I’m very grateful for that. I’ve adjusted nicely to wearing maternity clothes (I love not having to worry if my fly is undone….because I don’t have one!) and I’m dealing with the feeling of having a basketball under my shirt. It sucks not being able to bend over easily, and putting on my shoes is kind of a bitch. Now my feet are starting to swell just the tiniest bit by the end of the day, so any shoes hurt. The win-win scenario for both of those problems is to just wear flip-flops all the time. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I can do that in December, in the snow. (Yes, I’ve already thought of “What if we have another blizzard and I go into labor and have to deliver the baby by myself in the bathtub? So don’t point that out to me, thanks.)

The thing that freaks me out the absolute most is the fact that my belly button is gone. I’ve always been kind of partial to my button; it’s spunky and an innie and quite normal and cute-looking. Now I look like Kyle XY; it’s practically gone. And apparently my adorable button has been harboring a secret for the past 32 years; some doctor botched my umbilical cord snipping and left a scar, which until recently was always hidden. Now it’s out of the closet and it weirds me out. (To be fair, I don’t know if that’s what caused the scar, but that’s my theory.) And yes, I finally took my navel ring out, which left me with two lovely holes, in addition to the scar and the odd flat place where my button used to be.

UPDATE: After my belly button returned to its normal state, I realized that the scar was from the appendectomy I swore I’d never have. It just moved from its regular home during the pregnancy. I feel silly.

So there you have it: a synopsis of the last couple of uneventful months. To all of you who have been asking why I haven’t been blogging, now you know. My life has been peaceful, for the most part, and that’s a good thing. But not exactly blogworthy.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meg
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 02:20:42

    I had heard a little rumor about suspected problems, but didn’t want to bother you about it. Glad that everything turned out ok. (That same doctor recently told my friend she has a major problem, which caused major freak-outs, followed by a “whoopsie, nothing’s wrong.” So very frustrating.)


  2. CJ
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 16:45:25

    Downs or not that baby is LUCKY to have you as a momma!!!! (but glad you’re less stressed now…)
    Dont worry about your belly button…you won’t be able to see it without use of a mirror soon 🙂
    I’ve heard that pregnancy keeps you warm….so I think you’ll be fine wearing flip flops throughout the Oklahoma winter… Or just wear cutesy slippers everywhere…you’re in OK, no one will thing it strange 😉


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