I realize now that I’ve become a terrible blogger. I kept up a lot better when I was pregnant; I had a wee bit more free time then.

I am coming to terms with the fact that I have the best baby in the world. Not only is he absolutely adorable, he’s incredibly happy all the time. He only cries if he’s seriously pissed off about something and that is either he’s hungry, or you’re strapping him into the instrument of torture known as the car seat. The best part of all? He sleeps for 12-hour stretches during the night.


Everyone warned me that it would go too fast. Some days it feels like I was just pregnant yesterday, huge and lumbering and unable to put my socks on without help. Other times it seems like Canaan has been a part of our little family for ages. I look back at photos from his first days and he looks so tiny.

Just look at the difference between this….

ImageAnd this.

ImageIt’s crazy, right? I don’t know what I’m going to do when he outgrows that chair. It’s a life-saver.

The best part of the last five months has been watching his little personality emerge. I kept telling Justin when I was pregnant that I was so excited to meet him, to see what kind of person he would be. To paraphrase Canaan’s favorite bedtime story, “Will he love macaroni? Be suspicious of peas? Be happy outdoors with his ears in the breeze?” Every day we get to know him a little bit more, and although I’m a working mama, I’m making it a point to treasure every second I can spend with my little one.

The first time he smiled, I cried. The first time he laughed, I cried. Now he laughs a lot, and I still tear up sometimes, but only because it’s the most pure, joyful noise I’ve ever heard. I’ve gone from being the girl that never cried in movies, the girl whose friends called her a “hard ass”, to the girl that cries while reading bedtime stories to my kiddo. The girl that cries in nearly every movie, and a fair share of commercials, too.   It’s a little embarrassing. I wonder if my hormones will be eternally out of whack now, or if I’ll go back to my old self. Or if I’ll just always be a softie now that I’m a mom. Either way is okay with me.

We’ve had a lot of firsts lately.

We had our first Valentine’s Day with a kiddo. It consisted of Chinese food, a bottle of wine, and Netflix.

ImageCanaan is finally (almost) big enough for his first exersaucer. (Now he has three. Lucky one.)

ImageHe has his first favorite TV show. (And before you lecture me about the evils of television, it’s educational. He’s not kicking back watching Spike.) Just like his daddy, he gets completely absorbed in what’s happening.

ImageHe went to his first birthday party. Of course, it fell right in the middle of naptime, so he was a little pissed about that, but he got over it.

ImageHe has his first pair of sunglasses. Very “Joe Cool.”

ImageHe had his first injury. He got bit by a rabbit. I’m not kidding. But other than the initial terror (mine and his) and the bleeding (his), he was cool. He still has a scab on his poor toe, but he never made a peep about it.

ImageWe tried spoon feeding for the first time. It wasn’t much of a hit, in his book. Apparently rice cereal doesn’t taste that awesome.


I started planning his first birthday party this weekend. Yeah, I know…it’s six and a half months away. But when I think about how quickly the past five months have gone, I realize it’s not much time. I’m so curious to see what he’s going to look like when he turns one year old, because I know it’s going to be so different than how he looks now. It’s amazing to me how much a baby can change in the span of 12 months. Or even five, or three.

I’ve been traveling a lot for work lately, and it makes being home that much sweeter. Changing diapers and making bottles is a welcome treat to me when I’ve been on the road. The sweet snuggles and wet smiles make every homecoming an absolute delight.

It’s going so fast.


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  1. snflwry
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 21:25:59

    I absolutely adore reading about your love for your son! I was already an emotional person before becoming a mother. I’m 10 times worse now and that’s totally okay with me. 🙂


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